Using Online And Offline Marketing To Promote Your Online Business

In today’s tough economy, you need more than one solution when it comes to getting more sales and profits. There are multiple solutions out there that can bring you a lot of leads and customers, so you will want to find out what those are, and which ones that you want to employ in your business.When marketing your internet business, you have 2 options. You can either stick to marketing online for leads, or you can incorporate offline marketing in the mix also. Personally, I think that if you incorporate offline marketing in the mix also, your overall sales and profits will increase. This is particularly true when it comes to backend marketing.Backend marketing is the process of selling to your existing customers. This is where 80% of your total business profits will come from, and it’s where you should focus all of your attention and energies towards. Now if you’re currently marketing to your backend customers via email, you should know that you can combine offline marketing in the mix and make even more money.Tests have shown that you can boost your response rates just by following up on your customers with direct mail alone. If you know nothing about direct mail, don’t worry, it’s easy. You will probably want to stick with postcard marketing instead of general direct mail since it’s easier to create, and easier to work with.Now direct mail is a great way to get more new customers for your business. It’s a very simple premise and you can easily find high quality buyers who will spend money with you years from now. This is one of the best ways to find buyers who are rabid, and who are willing to solve their problem or achieve any goal that they have. They are just more serious about it.Like I said direct mail is a great way to reach these people offline, and when you lead them back to your website, you’re better off generating a lead instead of sending them to a straight sales letter page. You want to capture as many of these high quality opt-in leads as possible so that you can follow up on them over and over again for the increase probability of getting a lot of sales.I used to do heavy direct mail before I went 100% online, so I know what I’m talking about. You will want to find yourself a good printer in your city who can create the direct mail marketing pieces for you. Most of them know what they’re doing and they know how to make your marketing pieces look professional.Make sure you put together a great offer on your website so that you can increase the potential amount of people who will sign up for your email newsletter. Remember to follow up on them regularly (about every 3 days), and DO NOT email them everyday. This is the fastest way to make your leads unsubscribe from your newsletter because they feel like you’re spamming them everyday.Take these tips and use them to make the money that you’re looking for in your online business today.Good luck with using these strategies online now.